Aug 25, 2016
Special 850$ Discount for all CFA Level I Candidates.

If you are planning on sitting for the CFA Level I exam in June 2017, we advise you to register
before September 21 to save a minimum of 850$!
Here are the details of this special offer :
Classes Registration at FRI:
FRI will offer an Early Bird Discount of 350$ for all registrations received before September 21, 2016.

Normal Classes Rate: 2100$ (including VAT)
Early Bird Classes Rate: 1750$ (including VAT)

So don't hesitate and register NOW!

To register for the classes please fill our Online Registration form and we will send you a confirmation within 24hours.

CFA Exam Registration:
If you register for the June 2017 CFA exam before September 21, 2016 you will benefit from the EARLY registration rate and save a minimum of 480$!

Check the table below for the detailed CFA Institute deadlines and rates:
Exam Fees - June 2017    EARLY registration deadline and rate STANDARD registration deadline and rate LATE registration deadline and rate
21-Sep-2016 15-Feb-2017 15-Mar-2017
Program Enrollment 
(onetime fee)
$450 $450 $450
Exam Registration $650 $930 $1,380

To register for the CFA Level I exam please click on this link to create your account or contact us for assistance in the exam registration procedure.
We are looking forward to seeing you in class!