Mohamad El Masri, CFA

Before the FRI was established, I subscribed with an institute for the CFA level III classes but couldn't attend more than 2 classes as the quality of teaching was very poor compared to what I used to have with Mr. Jad Doumith. Once you attend classes with Mr. Jad, you can never settle for anything less than that.

As soon as I learned about Mr. Jad's institute, FRI, I didn't think twice to subscribe, even though I knew that it was going to be a big challenge since we were the 1st level III class. Attending classes with Mr. Jad Doumith was always a great pleasure. He always knew how to get our attention, when to give more examples and to elaborate on more challenging topics. He would sometimes pause in order to think about an explanation and approach the problem strategically. You could tell that he is genuinely fulfilled when his students master a difficult concept.

I believe teaching is not only about being well educated and having a good grasp of the material you're teaching ; it is also a gift from God, either you have it or you don't. I do believe that Mr. Jad is gifted, and he's indeed the best teacher I met so far.

I remember that we were all worried about passing the exam. We worked as hard as we could, but our success would have been impossible without the support we received from FRI.On the day of the exam, after reading a question, I would quickly remember an example Mr. Jad gave us or a statement he made, which would help me answer the question immediately. The greatest reward was when we learned that 5 out of 6 students passed the level III exam with FRI.

I already recommended FRI to many people I know and would recommend it to anyone who seeks my advice, because Mr. Jad and all the other teachers at FRI are the best in this field. They will make sure that their students pass all levels of the CFA exam or any other certificate.

Corporate Relationship Manager at SGBL

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level III