Finance & Risk Institute offers a variety of educational services including full and exhaustive preparatory courses for the most recognized international certifications including the CFA®, FRM® and CMA® programs, rigorous and in-depth seminars and trainings for banks, financial institutions and finance and risk management professionals, as well as focused one topic seminars specially designed to include all the material adopted by the most prestigious international certifications and designed to enhance the knowledge of participants in a particular topic.

In addition to providing the most complete preparatory courses for the candidates enrolled in the CFA®, FRM and CMA programs, FRI offers you the valuable flexibility to register only for the topics you feel you need to benefit from the experience and unique teaching capabilities of FRI’s team of instructors while adopting a self study plan for the other topics you think you can study alone, hence lowering your total tuition costs and only paying for the topics that you choose.

FRI also offers seminars and corporate trainings that are periodically organized to keep up with innovations in the Finance and Risk Management fields, or to revisit important and relevant topics of interest for working professionals. FRI’s lecturers and instructors are renowned banking and finance experts who occupy senior positions in the industry and have the necessary technical skills and experience to benefit all participants.

FRI is very proud to introduce its new service: Consulting and advisory.

Seminars & Corporate Trainings

FRI specializes in the area of finance and risk managemet trainings for banks, financial institutions and individuals who wish to stay on top of current financial knowledge. With its team of highly competent lecturers who also occupy senior positions in the industry, FRI is able to provide relevant, up to date and practical trainings and seminars in areas such as Risk Management, Financial Statements Analysis, Derivatives, Financial Instruments among many others. Our trainers are recognized professionals with a great deal of experience and expertise who are in touch with the most recent investment and risk management concepts, ideas and regulations.

To view the list of all the seminars and workshops that FRI has hosted click here.

Consulting & Advisory

FRI also offers consulting and financial advisory services to banks and companies.