Raji Khoury

FRI was quite instrumental in my success at the CFA exam. CFA requires a lot of discipline and a through understanding of the topic areas. Taking a course with FRI helped me in mapping out a clear study plan and adhering to it and whenever I would fall short due to work obligations or travel, I would be able to realize that and immediately bridge the gap.I think that is very important characteristic when taking a course with FRI.
In addition, the instructors at FRI were quite knowledgeable in their area and would tackle the minute details in every topic area which at the end turns out to be quite conducive for the success on the exam.
When taking the CFA exam, every minor detail helps and you need to be well armed in tackling the exam on that stressful Saturday in June. Working with FRI will help you achieve just that and leave nothing to chance. Good luck !

Managing Partner/CFO at Khoury International SAL

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level 3