Serge Achkouty

At first i was hesitant about enrolling in the CFA Program, which requires a lot of dedication and commitment. From one side i was doubting whether a CFA is relevant for a professional with 10+ years experience, and from the other side my lifestyle and work responsibilities might not allow me to focus and devote the necessary time to study and practice. I finally took on the challenge and went for it.
The decision to enroll with FRI was a key success factor. Not only is the institute professional with a proven teaching methodology, but also the team is amazing, willing to give what it takes for the candidates to grasp the material, including extra hours, out of class reach, and patience. 
Special appreciation to the lead instructor Jad Doumith who got an amazing talent to explain the material and simplify complex topics (he makes you question the way we studied at school and university). You won't have to memorize any formula, so this large formulas book shouldn't scare you. 
To pass the CFA exam, you need all 3 of the following:
1- Understand the material
2- Memorize a few concepts
3- Practice, practice, practice
FRI got what it takes to guide you and make you excel at this.
Expect an intense curriculum which requires hard work and perseverance, but the result is definitely rewarding! 

General Manager at Al Amir Holdings

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level I