Wael Bou Dargham

A couple of years ago, and that was before I was introduced to FRI, passing Level 1, Level 2 in the CFA  Program and the FRM Part 1 Exam in  just 11 months seemed impossible to me.

I had studied Banking & Finance at LIU and I never really was an academic type of person: I dreaded studying, as odd as it seems for someone who’s already accomplished so much with FRI and who’s currently a Level 3 Candidate in the CFA Program. But it’s actually true and all that I am now, I owe it to FRI.

I wanted to be able to accomplish so much and I knew I couldn’t just do it on my own. I had a friend of mine who had attended an orientation session about FRI and recommended it to me. I naturally agreed to try the experience initially because I had nothing to lose in doing so but as soon as I got there and saw what it was all about, I knew that this was the place where my dreams would come true and my goals would see a clear path drawn to them.

And so it all started. Session after session, my hunger for knowledge only got more intense and my performance kept going up. I started uncovering a potential I never knew I had and I was always searching for more. Of course, I eventually had a lot of work to do but it was all really smooth because of the guidance I received from FRI. Besides the courses that were really beneficial, I was really grateful for the help I got outside the classroom which was available whenever I asked for it. FRI was like a friend to me and a tutor.

Needless to say I met some amazing people so far from all over the country that shared the same ambitions as I did. As for my tutors, they also became some kind of advisors to me due to the chemistry we developed and the big sense of reliability and trust I owe them.

Overall, I consider myself to be very grateful for my experience with FRI and I would even go as far as giving them full credit for my success because even though the work was mine, I would never have managed to reach such a potential without such amazing help and guidance. Here’s to much more successes and advancement. 

Analyst - Risk + Solutions

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels I, II and III
FRM Levels passed with FRI: Level I