Farah Riachy

My keen interest in finance prompted me to seek further in-depth education in this field.
Upon little research I was able to identify that pursuing a CFA designation can provide me with a solid professional base directly into finance with the option of career shift and potential growth in this line of activity.

I must admit I was initially apprehensive about the quality of education and the insight that the local professional institutes in our tiny market are very commercially geared with a rather short term customer acquisition vision.
To my happy surprise I discovered that at FRI the educational level is top notch, not only the course material were well organized and the instructors professionally qualified, but the motivation they inject throughout the program kept me going to seek more and more knowledge.

Now I am convinced that at least the first cfa program was a real focused cap to my previous MBA, a great way to put into perspective the financial analysis application side of higher business education.

Incidentally I passed my CFA levels I, II and III very successfully, of course due to considerable study effort but also thanks to FRI who provided me with indepth understanding of topic subjects, clear lectures, educational follow-up and the strong motivation to keep me going.

Sales Manager at Medtronic

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Levels I, II and III