Georges Nasr, FRM

Good people are like candles. They burn themselves up to give others light. .

This is the least that we can say about Mr Jad Doumith and the FRI team..

I really recommend any student that has the passion and willingness to become certified , to enroll with FRI without even thinking twice or even trying to do a comparison with other institutions to take the decision. You can trust these guys without any hesitation and here are the reasons:.

1- Free orientation sessions. FRI will provide you with a very valuable orientation session to explain to you all the information you need to know about the certifications, career, demonstration about the classes, courses, everything you need to help you choose the right path..

2- Talented, educated and very well experienced instructors who will let you feel that you can ask any question and be sure you will get the right answer with real examples..

3- Best approach of delivering the knowledge to the students where you will really understand the subject in a way you will never forget it even after you finish the certification. No need to memorize anything, you just need to understand the reason behind the concepts..

4- Morale and functional support even after the class is done. And I can share my experience here especially with Mr. Jad Doumith where he was answering all my questions over phone even after classes, during week ends. He was giving me and all the other students full support. And even when I was doing my FRM level 2 alone (since there was no classes available yet in FRI) he gave me from his time to reply to all my inquiries and provide me with a recap before the exam even though i was not a student at FRI. And I really appreciate this, and pretty sure that you will not find this anywhere else..

5- Very flexible payments and discounts. FRI is the only institution with no commercial or profit objectives , however with pure educational purposes to help people reach their dreams , beat limits and pass the most difficult exams in the world. It has a full interest and attention on how to have high passing rates and not high profits by allowing students who were not able to pass the exam, to re enroll with FRI with almost zero cost..

FRI will be next to you from A to Z. It will give you all the tools not only to ensure you will pass but also that you will succeed..

Words will not be enough to talk about FRI and Mr Jad Doumith achievements. All we can say that god gave us two hands, one to help ourselves and one to help others. FRI people are using all their hands to help you have a successful career and life, so please use your hand and help yourself by choosing FRI..

See you soon in CFA classes!

Senior Associate - Risk + Solutions

FRM Levels passed with FRI: Level I