Chady Amatoury

FRI offers top quality knowledge and skill development as part of its service. It is comprised of a team of CFA chartered working professionals that specialize in their line of work in the topics they are assigned to teach.
The team shows deep knowledge of the material and is well equipped to answer challenging questions and to provide a clear framework of the subject at hand. As CFA charter holders, their knowledge extends to subjects outside the scope of their teachings, making it easy for candidates to link subject matters to their professional work and to apply them when needed.

As a candidate enrolled with FRI, I witnessed a great deal of professionalism in the way the institute deals with its customers. We are encouraged to contact instructors after class if needed. The material is recapitulated at the end of each session and an intensive review takes place shortly prior to the exam date to answer last minute questions. The institute also provided candidates with a way to evaluate instructors anonymously in order to improve the effectiveness of the course. It was also successful in adapting to sudden changes and in communicating those changes to us without delay.

FRI showed a strong devotion in providing a qualified understanding and in shaping the professional careers of its CFA candidates. It provided a significant added value in my success and in my career so far.

Full Time student in Msc. Corporate Finance and Banking - Edhec Business School

CFA Levels Passed with FRI: Level III